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Help: Search Teams

Help: Search Teams

The following buttons or links may available depending on your capacity:
Members: Display Team members page. This button is available for everybody.
Broadcast: Display Team broadcast page to send email to all members of the team through Acelet-email-relay. All members can see the sender's name, but will not see sender's email address.
This button is available if:
Forum: Display Forum page. The Forum is accessible for all members of the Team. Other users will have no access if they do not join the Team.
Inquiry: Display Team inquiry page to send email to the organizer of team through Acelet-email-relay. The team organizer will not see your email address. The organizer can reply to you, you can reply-reply. Neither the organizer, nor you can see the email address of the other side. This button is available for logged in users.
Import: Display import page to do bulk invite.

Delete this team: Delete this team. Notice will be sent to all members of this team as email.

This page shows the basic information about Team for sports gathering helping to manage the Team.

For the Organizer, this page is the start place to manage your Team. For general public, this page is an information page.
Each line is for one item of Team. You can click/touch the line for detail page about that item. If you are the Organizer, you can editing that item and update. If you are not the Organizer, you can read only.

How to get here:
From My Acelet choose either Then choose the team.

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