Tutorial: Create team and invite member

Tutorial: Create team

Tutorial: Create team and invite member

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Create then Team.

3. Create team page appears

Just fill in information, the team will be created.

4. Team page appears

Click on page menu.

5. Team members page appears

Let's click on Invite member button.


Fill in email address for the candidate and click on Continue button.

7. Invite team member candidate page appears

The Message is optional. If you write message, the message will appear on the email send to your candidate.
Let's click on Send invite button.

8. A confirm window appears

Just click on Send invie button.

9. a Successful page appears

A invitation email has been sent to the candidate. Let's click on Ok button.
The candidate will get an invitation email. He or she can just simply reply the email to join the team. After that, you will see the new member on Team members page.

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Session will expire soon

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