Tutorial: Manage tournament on the day of play

Tutorial: Manage tournament on the day of play

Tutorial: Manage tournament on the day of play

Let's use a live testing tournament to demonstrate the procedure.
The system automatically manages match queue and courts. Any format of tournament (especially elimination format) will benefits from automatic management, as long as there is a need to manage match queue and courts.

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Create then Test tournament.

3. Create test tournament page appears

Select Create Test Tournament for on the day of play button.

Click on Help button if you need more information.

4. The Successful page appears

Click on Continue to close it.

5. Created test tournament Test appears

This test tournament is filled enough data that it is ready for this tour.

6. Test tournament page appears

Click page menu then click Queue runtime.

7. Queue runtime page appears

This is the 'control center' of the tournament. It is the most important page for the tournament on the day of play.
There is one queue of matches for each facility. We have one facility (My facility) shown on the top line.
Let's click Start queue button to start the queue. Actually, you can Start queue on the day before as well.

8. Start queue page appears

This page actually is a confirmation page. It lists all adopted events for your convenience. Let's click on Start queue button.

9. Queue has started

Now we can see the match queue. Each line of the table is a queuer.

There is a horizontal menu bar. The selected menu item of the menu bar is Going. So this is the 'Going' view, the matches (queuers) we see have assigned courts. We have three courts for My facility. All of three courts are occupied.
Let's click on Waiting menu item in the menu bar to see 'Waiting' view.

10. 'Waiting' view

The matches we see now are waiting for courts.
We have three events in this test tournament. The start date of two of them (women singles and men singles) are for today. One of them is for tomorrow, that is in a different session. The system only queues matches in the current session. So we do not see the other events in the queue now. They will be automatically added to the queue when current session is finished.
Please remember the first match in waiting list is Gonzalez,James - Harris,Michael . We will mention it later in this tutorial trail.

11. Back to 'Going' view

Let's click on Going menu on the horizontal menu bar to go back to 'Going' view of Queue runtime.

Now let's click on the first match (Fa/Fb - Fc/Fd).

12. Match/game page

The game page appears:

Let's click on Referee button.

13. Assign referee

page appears.

Let's check the first one and click on Assign selected button.

A confirmation page appears. Just confirm it be click on Assign selected button.
An information page appears indicating the referee was assigned.

14. Back to game page

We come back to game page. The newly assigned referee is shown.

Let's click on Close button to go back to Queue runtime page.

15. Queue runtime page appears again

We can see the referee name on the first line.
Assign referee is the only thing that the manager needs to do to start the match.
Note: for community level tournaments, if you decide to not use referees, Assign referee is not necessary.

When a court is assigned, all players of this match will get a notification email. They need to report to the control center (or to the assigned court, as the tournament's choice). The manager assigns a referee (optional), players go to the assigned court. If no assigned referee, the players will assume the duty of referee.

Let's follow the players to see how the match proceeds. This is not the manager's duty, but for this tutorial, we need to know what is happening. Please remember that the first queuer is a match Brown,Helen - Davis,Lucy .

Please click on Close button to go back to tournament page.

16. Go to Court runtime page

Then click on page menu and select Court runtime.

17. Court runtime page appears

The first line, court #1 is the match we are following.
Let's click on the match (player's names).

18. Match/Game page appears

We have seen this page before. That was for assigning referee. Now this page is for scoring the match by assigned referee.
The referee can click on + (plus character) to increase score by one. But for this tutorial we click on a number to open Update game score page to key in score.

19. Update game score page appears

Let' type a number and click on Close button.

20. We back to game page

When the score is updated, the whole world can see it immediately.
If you choose paper-score-card for scoring, you can report match result once after the match finished.
Let's click on Complete button.

21. confirm game end page appears

Just click on Complete button.

22. Game page appears again

The difference is that we have a winner now.
Let's close this page by clicking on Close button.

23. Court runtime page appears again

Note: the court #1 is occupied by match Gonzalez,James - Harris,Michael now, because the match we has followed was finished. The old match does not occupy the court anymore. The new match was the first one in waiting list. When one match finishes, the system automatically assign the court to a new match. The players will get alert email.
This is the Court runtime view of the tournament.

Let's go back to Going view of Queue runtime page. To do so, let's click on Close button to go tournament page.

24. Tournament page appears again

Let's click on page menu, then Queue runtime.

25. Queue runtime page appears again

This time, the content of the table changed, because the match we followed finished, a match in the waiting list (match Gonzalez,James - Harris,Michael) moved from Waiting stage to Going stage. So it is shown on 'Going view'.
Let's check by clicking Waiting menu on the menu bar.

26. Waiting view of Queue runtime appears again

Yes. There was three matches, Queue number 4, 5 and 6, were waiting. Now there are only two, Queue number 5 and 6 are waiting. Queue number 4 has been assigned a court (#1) and moved to Going view.
Let's go back to Going view by clicking on menu Going.

27. Going view of Queue runtime

We have seen this page many times. We clicked a match (by player's name) before to open match page before. Now we want to see the draw chart. Let's click the name of the event.

28. Draw page appears

Please look at the match 1 (on the top-left corner). It is match Brown,Helen - Davis,Lucy. We announced winner for the match. The final scores were 11-0. After our announcement, the winner, Davis,Lucy moved to the next round automatically. But the new match has only one part and not has been constructed fully, so the system has not put it in the queue. So we do not see the match on the waiting list now. Later, when the other part of the match is generated, the new match will join the queue.
Let's close this page by clicking the page manu then Close.

29. Summary

We are back to Queue runtime page. It is the 'Going' view. 'Going' on the menu bar is highlighted.

This is the most important page and view for managing a tournament on the day of play. As tutorial, we did give scores to a match, we visited other pages, but all of that may or may not be necessary on a typical tournament day.

On this tour, we have done only one match. You can go ahead yourself to finish this test tournament.
There are a few interesting points worth mentioning: This is our tour. But before you go, let me ask you a question. The system automatically arranges everything (except for assign referee). Do you need a manager sitting there watching Queue runtime page? Watching the page by the manager is not absolutely necessary. The whole tournament can go by itself automatically.

30. P.S.

There are a couple things you need to know. We did not mention it because we want to focus on main things. Now it is time to tell you.

This is the end of this tour. Thank you.


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