Tutorial: Make draw

Tutorial: Referee match

Tutorial: Referee match

You need to be authorized to referee matches. It depends on the setting of the tournament. The setting can be:

1. Match page

This is a new match. Not started yet: the Start time has not been set. If Start time remains empty, it will be automatically set when either side scores.
This is two-out-of-three match. So we click on game one (at the top-right corner of the table) to open the game.

2. Game page appears

This is a new game. Lincoln/Lincoln on the left side and Washington/Washington on the right side. If the natural view of the referee is different, you can click on Change side button to make the screen consistent with the natural view.
The Start time has not been set. Both scores are zero. It is a new game.
Let's click on the plus (+) sign to increase one on Lincoln/Lincoln.

3. Score increased

Now, we can see the score on the left side increased by one. Also the Start time is set automatically.
The score for Washington/Washington is still zero. Let's click on the score.

4. Update game score page appears

This page allows you to enter any number manually. Let's set 11 as the score and click on Ok button.

5. Game page appears again

Now we can see the new scores.
Suppose that is the real scores and the game finished. We need to click on End button to end this game.

6. Confirm game end page appears

You can simply check Confirm and click on End this game button.
But, if, by any chance, a player retires due to injury or violate rules you want to default it. You can check the radio buttons to change the winner. In that case, there will be another confirmation page to ask you to double sure.

7. A confirmation window appears

Just click on End this game button.

8. Game page appears again

Now we have a winner. It is Washington/Washington. Also the End time is set automatically.
This game is finished. So let's click on Close button to close this page.

9. Match page appears again

Now we can see that the scores of the first game is 1:11. You can click on New to start a new game, similar to the first game.
When the match is ripe, you can click on End button (on Match page, the one we clicked before was on a game page) to finish the match, similar with what we did for the game.

10. The end of this tutorial trail

This is a tutorial trail for a live, online scoring. The results is available immediately from Internet, world wide.
Alternately, you can use traditional way (use a piece of paper) to recored scored. When the match is finished, input final scores once on Match page.


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