Tutorial: Setup facility and queue

Tutorial: Setup facility and queue

Tutorial: Setup facility and queue

Let's use a live testing tournament to demonstrate the procedure.

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Create then Test tournament.

3. Create test tournament page appears

Select Create Test Tournament For make draw button.

Click on Help button if you need more information.

4. The Successful page appears

Click on Continue to close it.

5. Created test tournament Test appears

This tournament is at the stage that it is ready to setup facility and queue.

6.Test tournament page appears

Click page menue then click Facilities.

7. List facilities page appears

Click on Create facility.

8. Create facility page appears

Lets name is as My facility with 3 courts. Then click on Ok button.

9. List facilities page appears

We come back on List facilities page. Now we can see our created facility is on the list.

Let's click on Close button to close this page.

10. Now we come back to Tournament

Let's click on page menu, then select Queue setup.

11. Queue setup page appears

We have defined only one facility, so the facility shown is that facility (My facility).
There are two tables. On the left is the Available events. It shows all of our events. It is total 5 events. On the right is the Adopted events. We have not done anything, so the table is empty.
Now, let's check all events on the Available events table.

Then click on the Adopt selected button. Then we will see:

So, now we have one facility, My facility. It has adopted all of our test events. Our facility is ready to go. So we can close the page.

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