Tutorial: Use Acelet

Tutorial: Use Acelet

Tutorial: Use Acelet

Acelet is a website providing a web application for sports management. The web application can run on all major browsers, either on desktop computers or mobile devices.

You can use Acelet as a visitor without login. But that visit is read-only with less features. If you create an account to become a member of Acelet, you can do more.

1. Navigate menu

There is an icon at the left side of the title bar for navigate menu. The menu is the same for every page. If you just visit as guest, you will not see "My Acelet" menu item.

2. Global menu

There is an icon at the right side of the title bar for global menu (main menu). The menu is the same for every page. It shows available commands of the system. If you just visit as guest, you will see less menu items.

3. Responsive design for tables

You will find many tables on different pages. The table showing here has two sections. Each section is for one person. You can distinguish them by different background color. Because the screen is not wide enough, so the table layout is in sections. If you use wider screen (such as regular computer, or you turn your mobile devise sideways as horizontal), the layout may change (if wide enough) to regular table, each person is shown in one line. It will look like:

You can touch the name of the column to sort the table using the column as the sort key, no mater what the table layout is.

4. Touch a line of table to see detail page

You can touch a line of a table to see the detail page. For example, if you touch User name, you will see User name page for detail or editing.

5. Help is available

There is a help button at the bottom of each page, if there is anything worth to mention about that page. Click or touch that button to see the help message as the bottom part of the page.

6. My Acelet

My Acelet is your "personal home" and "personal menu". It has most useful buttons for your actions. When you login, you will be on My Acelet automatically. If you have wondered away, you can always go to My Acelet through navigation menu.

7. Travel among pages

Use navigate menu and global menu to jump to the page you want.
Also, pages have buttons for you actions. Pages also have links for displaying other pages. If you click a link, you will get the detail page. The number of buttons and links vary depending the content and your capacity. for example, if you are the Organizer of a Meetup, you will see more buttons than a regular member.
Acelet is a web application. So you can use Back button from your browser and device to go back. But the Back button travels backward in history. You may get confused. So avoid the Back button.


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