Tutorial: Watch match

Tutorial: Watch match

Tutorial: Watch match

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Search then Tournament.

3. Search tournaments page appears

The best way for search is search first few characters (starting characters), then click on Search.

4. Tournaments page appears

There are may be more than one tournaments found, but we have only one as this tutorial. Click it.

5. Tournament page appears

Click on the Draw button..

6. Tournament draws page appears

Let's select Mixed doubles.

7. Draws page appears

This is the draw. Each box represents a match.
Let's click a player's name.

8. Person's matches appears

All the matches the person participating are listed here.
Let's click on the name near the top.

9. Person page appears

This page show all public information about the person.
The Inquiry button is disabled, because the person prefers not to receive inquiry. The Show facade in new window of tab button is disabled as well, because the person has not set his Facade.
Let's click on Ok button to close this page and back to Person's matches page.

Let's click on Close button to go back to the Draw page.

10. Draw page appears

Let's click on a score.

11. Match page appears

Let's click on a score.

12. Game page appears

This page gives more information about the game.
If you click on the player's name, Player's matches page will appear showing player's participation in this tournament.

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