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Acelet website provides an app (web application) for the public. It is a sport tournament management software hosted on our website.


  • Automatic draw management: when a match finishes, player's positions updated automatically.
    Note: automatic draw position management is different from automatic court and match-queue management. Automatic draw management is built-in feature and can not be disabled.
  • Automatic court and match-queue management: When a court is available, the next match in the queue will automatically be assigned the court. All players will get email notice.
    Note: automatic court and match-queue management is different from automatic draw position management. Automatic court and match-queue management is optional: if you do not want it, just ignore it.
  • Support all major browsers. Each page is the same on either on desktop computer or smartphone. It is optimized for smart-phone. A smartphone is all you need to set up a tournament and manage tournament on the day of play. Smallest device tested: iphone se with 4" display.
  • Beautiful world-class draw charts.
  • Beautiful comprehensive game page for referee, like that of UP-open tennis.

Tournament formats

  • Support single-elimination, double-elimination tournaments.
  • Support round-robin tournaments.
  • Support pool-playoff tournaments.

Seeding and bye

  • Support seeding for elimination (knockout) format tournaments, similar to US-open (tennis)
  • Support seeding for pool-playoff format tournaments, similar to FIFA World Cup (soccer).
  • Support byes for both elimination, round-robin and pool-playoff tournaments;


  • Extra secure. All connections are secure connections (through https, not http). All passwords are hashed.
  • Extra privacy. Email addresses are private. No other users can see your email address. Spammers will not get your email address.
    You can communicate through Acelet-email-relay to other users and between user and tournaments. Tournament phone number will be public for human. Spammer's robot can not read it.
  • Support many sports, such as pickleball, volleyball, pingpong, ...
  • Support internationalization (languages).


  • You can Inquiry a person, just like inquiry a tournament.
    You can set Preference to not accept inquiry or not, if you want to.

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