Tutorial: How to book a meeting

You must to be a member of the meetup. If you are not, see How to join a meetup . When a meeting is created, the system will send a notice email to every member of the meetup. When you get the email, you can simply reply to book the meeting. Or you can go to Acelet to book as below.

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select My meetup as member.

3. On Meetups page

Select the meetup you want.

4. On Meetup hub page

Select the Meetings.

5. On Meetings page

Touch the meeting.

6. On Meeting page

There is no one under Meeters, so you are the first to book.
Touch the Attend button.

7. On Meeter page

The Memo is optional. You can tape anything you want.
Touch the Attend button.

8. You have backed to Meeting page

You can see yourself under Meeters. You have successfully booked.