Tutorial: How to call a meeting

You can call a meeting if:

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select My meetup as member.

3. On Meetups as member page

Select the meetup.

4. On Meetup hub page

Select Meetings button.

5. On Meetings page

Select New button.

6. On Create meeting page

Fill in the form and touch the Ok button.

7. On Confirm page

This page displays summary of the meeting. If it is what you inputted, touch the Confirm button.

8. Now, you have backed to the Meetings page

You can see that added meeting.

The system also sent emails to all members of this meetup to notice them. The receiver can simply hits Reply button to book into the meeting, or she or he can go to Acelet to check and book.