Help: Team

This page shows the basic information about Team. For the manager, this page is the start place to manage your Team. For general public, this page is an information page.
Each line is for one attribute of Team. You can click/touch the line for detail page about that item. If you are the manager, you can editing that item and update. If you are not the manager, you can read only.

The attributes of Team are:
Name: is the name of the Team.
Note: for double team (for example, for tennis or pickleball), the system may change the name when register or draw, according to convention.
Logo: is displayed as height of 48 pixels. It will be displayed by height of 16 pixels on the search result. Suggested size is 96x96 pixels when you upload it.
Sport: the sport that this Team for. There is only one Sport for each Team.
Email: the email that you want other people to contact this Team. A user can send you Inquiry through Acelet-email-relay to this email address, but no one can see your email address.
Organizer: is the owner of the Team. You can transfer the ownership to other people. Note: you will lose the ownership unless the new Organizer transfers the ownership back to you.
Description: is the description of the Team. Please keep it short.
City, Province/State, Country/Region and Postal/Zip code: are your address.

The following buttons or links may available depending on your capacity:
Note: For teams, organizer and manager are exchangeable.

Delete this team: Delete this team. Email notice will be sent to all members of this team.
Inquiry: Display Inquiry page to send email to the email of team through Acelet-email-relay. The orgnaizer can reply to you, you can reply. Neither the orgnaizer, nor you can see the email address of the other side.

Invite member: Start process to invite members.
Members: Display Team members page. This button is available for everybody.
Withdraw: Start process to withdraw as member.
Note: information of team can not be updated after the team is enrolled for doubles team (such like tennis doubles, pickleball, ...). If there is a need, the player need to re-submit register.

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