Tutorial: Transfer organizer

Tutorial: Transfer organizer

Tutorial: Transfer organizer

The procedures of transfer organizer for different organizations (Event, Meetup, Team and Tournament ) are similar. Here we take Meetup as an example.

Only the Organizer of the meetup can transfer Organizer. Other users can not do it.

Note: You will be no longer the organizer, unless the new organizer transfer it to you back.

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu. Select My Meetups as organizer.

2. On Meetups as organizer page

If the width of your screen is small, turn your device horizontal to see the whole name on the title bar
You may have more than one Meetups, touch the one you want.

3. On Meetup hub page

Touch the Organizer link.

4. On Transfer meetup organizer page

You need specify the email and ID of the new organizer. The new organizer must have an account with Acelet.

5. On Meetup organizer candidate page

The system received email address you inputed, searched the database, found the record. So you can see the name of the candidate of the new organizer. You need to confirm, otherwise, the Transfer meetup organizer button will stay disabled. Touch Confirm box now, you can hit the Transfer meetup organizer button.

6. On Successful page

Click on Ok button.

7. Back to the Meetup hub page

This page looks different than before: The Organizer is different. Also, it is a read-only page, because your are no longer the Organizer, you are not allowed to change anything here.

8. For the new Organizer

Maybe the new Organizer wants to change the email address of the Meetup.


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