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Tournament Sport Event format
Example pickleball tournament Mirage (Example pickleball tournament)
Pickleball Double elimination*
US open tennis 2020 simulation tournament US open tennis 2020 simulation tournament
Tennis Single elimination
World cup soccer 2018 simulation tournament World cup soccer 2018 simulation tournament
Soccer Pool (8 pools) - playoffs, with bronze
Example pickleball tournament Friendship (Example pickleball tournament)
Pickleball Team competition friendship 2
ACElet is a sport management website for managing sport tournaments. It is an app, web-based application as a service. Acelet supports all major browsers, supports computers and smartphones.
Acelet stands out from the crowd by provide advanced tournament management software with world-class draw charts and automatic management for courts and match-queue.

It is free of charge.

ACElet app comes with automatic tournament management (automatic court and match-queue management) features, so organize a tournament is very easy. Courts will be managed efficiently. All you need is a smart-phone to both set up the tournament and manage it on the day of play.

ACElet is very user-friendly and powerful. It supports seeds for your draw. Supporting many formats like double-elimination, single-elimination, round-robin, pool-playoff, team-competition-pool-playoff, friendship(fun games) formats and more.

Acelet app comes with maximum security. Acelet provide maximum privacy. Spammers can not steal your email address. Acelet lets you communicate with other users and tournaments through acelet-mail-relay back and forth without seeing others email addresses.

Acelet supports all sports, especially for Pickleball, table-tennis(ping pong), badminton, tennis, touchtennis and more.

If you are a tournament manager, relax, let your smartphone manage your tournaments!

Why Acelet?

Acelet supports both professional and club/community/social tournaments.

World-class draw chart

Every character on the draw is clickable. When you click them, you will get related detailed information about the text. For example, click a player name will list all matches for that player; click a score will list the game and history. So, Acelet uses limited screen space of smartphones to provide superior user experience.
Match elements are clickable

World-class referee view of matches/games

Acelet provides a graphic page for refereeing matches. They look like the devices used at US-Open-tennis grand-slam. Referees can manage matches by clicking on his/her smartphone.
Match and Game


Professional and high level tournaments will like the support of seeding. Seeds can be specified using both numbers and text (such as wc). For elimination formats (knockouts) seeds are treated similar to US-open-tennis. For pool-playoff formats, seeds are treated like FIFA-world-cup.
Tournament seeding for draw


Acelet also fully supports team-competition-pool-playoffs format. It is a pool-playoff format. The difference here is that each meeting of camps is not one physical match. Each meeting is three or five matches, each match can be a singles match or doubles match. These formats are wide used, but lack of software support. Now, Acelet supports it.
With team-competition-pool-playoffs support, it is much easier to organize tournaments. It is good for cities, clubs and schools. Especially for schools: schools can play each week for whole semesters.

Community/social tournaments

Acelet has created a new format: Friendship format. It is for communities, clubs as social tournaments. This format divides players into two camps. Each player plays every opponents in the same division. The camp who wins more will be the winner. It is a lot of fun as recreation activities.

Social and recreation tournaments can be refereed by all players

For each tournament, you have choice to decide who is authorized to manage matches. For professional and high level tournaments, you can choose "Referee". For social and recreational tournaments, you can choose "ALL" (all players in the tournament). That is very practical for community/social/club tournaments.
who can referee match

Automatic match/court management

The scoring is still done by humans, but all other things are done by the system on the day of play. When a match is done, the winner will automatically advance to the next match. When the next match have two opponents, it is queued in match queue. When a court is available, the next match in the waiting list gets the court and players get notice email. All of that is automatically managed by the system. Managers do not need to do anything. Of course, if needed, managers can intervene. All can be done by a smartphone.
Automatic tournament management
With automatic match queue and court management, courts are used more efficiently, and easily. You can manage bigger tournaments with fewer courts.
Acelet also supports "Minimum rest time between matches" in case it is too soon for some players. When that happen, the system will not assign a court to a match in question.

Smartphone and computer support

Acelet supports all major browsers on both smartphone and computer.

Easy to use, with built-in tutorials and test tournament

Easy to use. Acelet is very user-friendly. There are tutorials and built-in test tournament for new comers to practice. Just follow the tutorials and live test tournament, you know how to do it in 15 minutes.

Record activities for referees

Acelet records activities of referees. There is a record for each time you referee a match. This is good both for referees themselves and future tournaments;

Record activities for consultants

Consultants are the ones who can use Acelet to manager tournaments. Even Acelet is very friendly, sometimes tournament organizers prefer to use consultants. There is a record for each time you are hired as a consultant. It is good both for consultant themselves and future tournaments.


Acelet supports all sports with matches. Acelet has special support for some sports, such as, sets and tiebreak for tennis and like; shootout for soccer and like.


Acelet supports multi-national-languages. Currently, supports English and Chinese. Will add more languages.

And more!

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